Standards and Ethics

Lauren Elizabeth abides by the following Standards and Ethics 

  • Each piece is individually designed and crafted by Lauren Elizabeth in her studio workshop. Any sub-contractors that we use to carry out certain services such as casting, micro-setting, hand or laser engraving conform to our high standards.
  • Collections: Pieces that fall under the term ‘Collections’ will all fall under a theme of inspiration that distinguishes that piece as part of a particular collection.
  • One-off creations: Further pieces will not be produced in identical form. New one-off creations may subsequently be produced which incorporate design elements of previous one-off pieces, but the resulting item will be discernibly different from all previous one-off creations.
  • Other designs within ‘All Jewellery’ – Whilst each piece will be substantially the same design there are likely to be variations in the type of precious metal, the gemstone and accent stones within individual items of a particular design.
  • All precious metals are only purchased from suppliers who have an ethics policy statement and who make every effort to ensure that their own suppliers operate via approved sources, and where reasonably practical are able to trace raw materials back to their origin.
  • Diamonds are only purchased from suppliers who can guarantee the legitimacy of their supply chain and that the diamonds are conflict free.
  • Every reasonable effort is made to ensure that precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones have been responsibly acquired.
  • All gemstones are tested by accredited gemmologist L. E. Tidd FGA DGA (Fellow of The Gemmological Association of Great Britain).
  • Selected pieces are accompanied by a detailed gemmological identification report by accredited gemmologist L.E Tidd FGA DGA.
  • All stones are natural, unless stated otherwise, with the exception of Tahitian, South Sea, Freshwater or Seawater Akoya pearls which are cultured.
  • All diamonds are natural, ideal cut, and conform to VS1 Clarity or higher, D-G in colour. Diamonds are only sourced from reputable dealers.
  • Any known gemstone treatments will be disclosed.
  • Gemstones of significant value can be accompanied with a certificate from a recognised gemmological laboratory.
  • Gemstones will be set to the highest standards, and to the style which best suits both safety and beauty.
  • All precious metal conforms to British hallmarking standards. Any piece which falls above the specified weight thresholds (1 gram for gold and 0.5 grams for platinum) will have been tested and hallmarked by an independent third-party Assay Office to guarantee that the precious metal is of the fineness stated.
  • In order to enhance the shine and durability, most pieces featuring white gold will be electroplated in Rhodium (a precious metal member of the Platinum family), to provide a surface which will resist scratches and tarnish, and provide a white, reflective appearance. Any pieces that have been Rhodium plated are disclosed, and each piece will have a thick layer of plating (2.5-3.0 micron thickness) to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Any piece that contains gemstones that are not able to withstand the electroplating process will not be rhodium plated and will bear the parent metal colour.
  • Any piece which features gold vermeil (electroplated surface deposit of gold) will have a thick layer of hard plating (2.5-3.0 micron thickness) to ensure that it lasts as long as possible, given due care when worn and maintenance.
  • All rings will comply with British Standards in relation to ring sizes.