The design of the flagship Unity Collection celebrates a fusion of inspirations, namely the archetypal form of the circle, pattern replication, intricate lattices, and iconic architecture. Stylised versions of interlocking circles contained within simple geometric shapes, often bejewelled with beautiful gemstones, give this exclusive collection its uniqueness.

This collection also has a strong emphasis on combining new technologies including computer aided design and 3D printing with traditional goldsmithing techniques. Elements within each piece are meticulously designed on paper and then in 3D on screen before parts are individually 3D printed in resin and cast into metal ready to be worked on, finished and stone set in-house.

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The design emphasis of the Sierra Collection is texture. Use of special texturing hammers create unusual indents, low points and high points in the metal’s surface creating an effect akin to a mountain range terrain. These textured elements are often combined beautifully with clean, polished metal bezels featuring accent coloured gemstones or diamonds. This forged, rustic look brings an extra dynamic to each characterful piece.

The combination of both polished and satin finishes on many of the pieces creates an attractive aesthetic, whilst the hammer relief create a glistening effect as the facets created from the texturing process catch the light. Many of the rings can be worn individually or as a stackable set, providing an element of interchangeability. 

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